Neuroscience Congress - FENS Forum 2014, Milan

Did you know? FENS launched a video contest for the FENS Forum 2014 that will be held in Milan.
Submit your video now to win €750!

Submission deadline: June 9, 2014

rules and conditions

Download the video contest rules and conditions


Open to individual neuroscientists or teams of neuroscientists, who include at least one PhD student or postdoctoral fellow registered to the FENS Forum 2014.


Up to three (3) prizes will be awarded €750 each. For videos produced by teams, prizes will be equally divided between the filmmakers.


• Winners will be announced during the 2014 FENS Forum in Milan.
• Winning videos will be played during the FENS Forum 2014 and will be featured on the FENS and EJN News websites, as well as on the FENS and EJN social network pages.


  • At least one of the participants of the video must be a PhD student or postdoctoral fellow registered for the FENS Forum 2014.
  • Content MUST be related to neuroscience. Videos may be submitted to one of the following categories:
    • protocol videos,
    • educational presentations, and
    • humorous.
  • Videos must be original work and not previously published.
  • If videos use music or images, they must be rights-­‐free or must have permission from copyright owner.
  • Videos must be no longer than five (5) minutes in length (excluding credits).
  • Videos must be in English.
  • All participants of the videos must sign a release form (download PDF) and winners will have to provide the original copies of these forms.


  • Create a YouTube account if you do not have one
  • Create a channel in your YouTube account
  • Click on Upload menu (top menu)
  • Upload video file
  • Under Privacy, select “Unlisted” and click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page
  • To view the link to your video, click on the Share tab (i.e. http://youtu.be/xxxxxxx)

To enter your video into the contest, please send an email to the Editorial Office of EJN (editorial.office@ejneurosci.org), or to Mihaela Vincze (mihaela.vincze@fens.org) with the following information:

  • Title of video:
  • Category:
  • Link to video:
  • Full name(s) of filmmaker(s):
  • FENS Forum 2014 Registration information of qualifying individual:

The subject of the email should be “Submission to FENS EJN Video Contest 2014”.

release form

Download the release form

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