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Organized by FENS (Federation of European Neuroscience Societies) and hosted by the SINS (The Società Italiana di Neuroscienze) the programme of the FENS Forum 2014 will attract over 7000 international delegates to present important advances in fields such as:

  • Transplantation and regeneration
  • Stem cell therapy and spinal cord repair
  • Learning, memory and dementia
  • Emotions and behaviour

and many more topics. See programme for details.

During the Forum, Press Conferences will offer journalists a rare opportunity to meet and question the world's experts in brain research and developments in treatment.

The fully-equipped Press Centre has internet access, telephones and copiers for your exclusive use. The Press Centre will provide press materials in English and Italian, resources and expert opinion, and quiet rooms for interviews.

Registered journalists at FENS Forum 2014 can attend all specialist press events as well as the scientific sessions (excluding workshops) by showing their free Press Pass.



To register for the free Press Pass at the FENS Forum 2014, please fill in the Press Registration form.

Please note that FENS' Media Credentials Policy applies. It is advisable to pre-register and to make early arrangements for accommodation on the special FENS Forum Hotel & Accommodation page.

If you cannot commit yourself yet, you can register on-site or we can send you press materials.



For FENS Forum 2014 Press Office and all media enquiries:

Elaine Snell (English language)
Snell Communications Ltd, London UK
Tel: +44 (0)20 7738 0424 or +44 (0)7973 953 794
E-mail: Elaine Snell

Mauro Scanu (Italian language)
Tel: + 39 333 1615477
E-mail: Mauro Scanu



The Press Centre is only open to members of the working press. Identification will be required, such as a press card issued by a recognised institute of journalists or union, or equivalent proof of employment by a publication or broadcaster. Freelance journalists must bring a letter of intent from their editor and should also bring evidence of previous publications.

Who can apply for a Press Pass?
A free Press Pass will be issued to journalists (including freelance journalists) for recognised:

  • journals, magazines and news publications
  • news agencies
  • broadcast media
  • web publications

Representatives engaged in the following are NOT entitled to a free Press Pass, but may register as a delegate on payment of full congress fees:

  • public relations
  • sales and marketing
  • advertising
  • commercial exhibitions

The organisers of FENS Forum 2014 reserve the right to refuse a free Press Pass.

Press Pass - access and facilities
Those with a Press Pass are entitled to attend:

  • press conferences
  • scientific sessions listed in the programme
  • congress exhibition

You will be able to work in the Press Centre equipped with telephones, fax, electrical outlets for lap-top computers and on-line access. FENS Forum press releases, abstracts and other relevant information will be available. In addition to the speakers at the Press Conferences, specialists will be on-hand to answer your questions on aspects of neuroscience.
Corporate materials and product information will not be distributed in the Press Centre.

Journalists are required to observe embargoes as indicated either by the Press Conference or by the date and time of each session.

Press Centre guests
Information officers for academic institutions, scientific societies or registered medical research charities may register as guests.
Spouses, partners or other guests of journalists cannot be registered as a Press Centre guest.
Contact Elaine Snell for further information (see above). The organisers of FENS Forum 2014 reserve the right to refuse a Press Centre Guest Pass.

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